Igor Tsupko

Hello, I have over 13 years of experience in development and DevOps, from a developer to a top manager.

I have experience working in managerial positions and I have a good understanding of the needs of potential clients and the team. I am not afraid to work "hands-on" and dive into real practice. I strive to develop and spread best practices within the team.
How can I help you
  • IT Development
    I established development and support processes; Implemented CI and fast delivery practices; Acted as an architect on the mos.ru project; Built relationships with contractors; Managed teams using both administrative resources and negotiation methods.
  • Knowledge Management
    Implemented documentation practices and knowledge capture; Conduct research and lead the "pragmatic guide to knowledge management" project.
  • Change Management
    I have implemented changes in the company multiple times, conducted negotiations and approvals, and supported change projects at all stages.
  • DevOps and delivery fasten
    I have a deep understanding of the theory and practice of modern DevOps, the principles of building distributed systems based on Kubernetes, and CI/CD processes.
  • Optimization and automation of internal processes.
    Implemented a project to adapt the Scrumban model to the company's realities; Implemented automation tools for recruiters and management; Implemented projects for integrating information systems.
  • Building an organizational structure focused on development.
    Acted as a mentor for novice team leaders; Built teams and technical departments "from scratch"; Established processes for professional development of employees (Performance Review, mentoring, and onboarding for positions)
+7 (926) 827-37-83
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